Casa Mallqui

Originally Casa Mallqui was designed as a residence for researchers. Over time, the building and the purpose were expanded to work as a rural lodge for visitors seeking a wide variety of experiences. It provides an excellent location for observers of orchids and native birds, including parrots, hummingbirds, owls, magnificent condors, quetzals, among others. The area includes numerous archaeological sites to which day trips can be arranged, providing opportunities to observe local markets and share the daily life of the communities of Leymebamba.

It is possible to visit artisan shops of wood carvers and weavers that use traditional techniques and designs of the ancient Chachapoya. Local cuisine offers the famous Juanes and a great variety of native potatoes and other organic products. 
Simply, it is the ideal place to take a step back into a time before life was quite as stressed and busy as it often seems to be today. It also provides an opportunity for reflection and just breathing the clean mountain air for anyone desiring a quiet and comfortable place.

It is a very convenient place for hikes to observe the incredible beauty of the countryside, visits to the museum, options to observe the conservation and preservation efforts made by EcoMallqui and the communal reserve of Los Chilchos.

The income generated from the lodge helps to cover the expenses of Centro Mallqui and the Leymebamba museum. We invite you to join us and enjoy an experience that will be mutually beneficial and satisfying, and which will promote the local economy.

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