Education program

Education is a constant focus in the work of Centro Mallqui. It provides access to the collections for students doing thesis projects, volunteers and interns, and makes efforts to disseminate research findings.

The Educational Program of Leymebamba Museum seeks to strengthen the cultural identity of the inhabitants of the Amazonas region. It includes workshops for schools, teachers and tour guides. It seeks to engage visitors in the protection and conservation of cultural and natural resources of the region.

In 2011-2012, this program received significant support from the International Cooperation Agency of japan (JICA), the collaboration of the Department of Culture and Sports School Promotion of the National Ministry of Education of Perú, The Amazon professors association, the House of Culture Elisabeth Gehrer, the Regional Directorate of the Ministry of Culture in Chachapoyas, the Education Office of Leymebamba, and the Municipality of Leymebamba.

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